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Do You Have a Denture Cream Lawsuit?

If you have suffered from the consequences of Zinc poisoning caused by denture adhesives, you may be able to file a Denture Cream lawsuit against the manufacturer. These lawsuits typically fall under the categories of negligence, failure to warn, product liability, and neuropathy. But do you have a case? If [...]


DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Lawsuits

The company is facing massive litigation following the release of the ASR, a hip replacement system that has led to over 12,000 patient-filed lawsuits. According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the ASR was defectively designed and manufactured, causing serious injuries including dislocations, metallosis, early failure of the hip, and pseudotumor formation. [...]


Drywall Price Fixing Lawsuit Settlement

The USG and TIN, along with Lafarge and TIN, have settled a Drywall Price Fixing Lawsuit. During the class period, between 2006 and 2011, Drywall prices declined by 35 percent. Yet the companies kept their prices substantially higher despite a significant overcapacity in the industry. These defendant companies have agreed [...]


Duncan Hines Salmonella Lawsuits

After the widespread recall of Duncan Hines cake mix, the CDC reported that the outbreak of Salmonella Agbeni has ended. The CDC and FDA investigated the manufacturing facility of the recalled cake mix and collected environmental and product samples. Unfortunately, they couldn’t pinpoint which individuals contracted the illness after eating [...]


Experian Unauthorized Charges Lawsuit

The city attorney for San Diego, David Elliott, has filed an Experian Unauthorized Charges lawsuit alleging that hackers have accessed 30 million consumer accounts. The IRS has also been implicated, saying that the breach resulted in the theft of nearly $65 million in fraudulent tax refunds. A spokesman for Experian [...]