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The Old Spice Lawsuit Update

The Old Spice lawsuit is a lawsuit against defendant’s Old Spice detergent manufacturer, Phyllis OS. Phyllis OS has been accused of falsely advertising their detergent and causing consumers to unnecessarily use it. The suit also claims that the manufacturers violated consumer protection laws by failing to disclose harsh chemicals in [...]


401k Lawsuit Settlements – How lawsuit funding agreements limit your potential recovery

401k lawsuit funding is the latest development in personal finance management. It offers many advantages over traditional investment strategies, but also some significant limitations. Many of these advantages and limitations apply to structured settlement recipients as well, although the differences tend to be more pronounced for plaintiffs. Incoming capital (and [...]


A Gatorade Lawsuit

The consumer who was injured in a Gatorade Commercial Water Drink owes compensation. That is the stipulation of a lawsuit filed against the Gatorade company. The suit is one of several that have been filed against Gatorade, Inc. and their subsidiary, Just Dines. The suits are based on negligence. Gatorade [...]


Auto Parts Litigation

A Washington auto parts lawsuit alleges that a local Ford dealer tried to charge more for windshield wiper fluid than it was actually worth. The charges were for high-priced car wash additives and an expensive anti-freeze. The auto parts lawsuit claims the dealership was illegally charging auto glass replacement and [...]