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Beneful Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit

You should join the Beneful dog food class action lawsuit and help these pet owners who suffered injuries because of their own negligence. You can file the compensation claim as a third party beneficiary or as a co-class member. In this class action lawsuit, you will be given the opportunity to claim for all of the financial losses you incurred because of the Beneful dog food recall. There is a limit of five hundred dollars per individual claim, but the total award is much greater when you include all of the losses that have been suffered by the dogs as a group.

The company was recalling their dog food due to possible hazards it might have on the public.

Some of the recalled products contained aflatoxins. This substance is used to remove bacteria and parasites from chicken feed. Manufacturers stated that the product contained noflatoxins and was completely safe for use. However, the FDA declared the product to be defective and the company had to cease production immediately.

A dog food manufacturer sells its product in about fifty different packaging designs.

Each of these packaging designs have a different address and the number is not clearly written on the package itself. When the product is opened and eaten, the package may say Beneful Animal Feed, but when you call the manufacturer to find out more, you are told that the product is actually named Beneful Pet Food and no further information is available.

There are many stories about how dogs get sick or suffer injuries from eating certain foods.

For example, some reports state that dogs develop renal failure after eating chicken. However, there is no evidence that this is the case. It is very common to see a dog develop kidney failure due to a viral infection and is more common than a dog dying from something like a bacterial infection. Some of the viruses that might cause the renal failure include parainfluenza, distemper, rabies, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and yeast infections.

The fact that the manufacturer does not add the necessary cautions on the labels may also lead to legal problems.

For example, it is illegal to sell dog food that has ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction. Also, if you are using words such as “preservative” on the label of the dog food, then it is illegal to use those words if the product contains any. It is possible that the manufacturer did not add these cautions on purpose, but if they did, then they must be negligent. If you have a Beneful Dog Food class action lawsuit filed against them, you can claim monetary compensation against the manufacturer of the dog food that you believe caused your beloved pet’s death.

There are many other benefits of joining a Beneful dog food class action lawsuit.

You will be able to obtain compensation for your vet bills, loss of income, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, lost earning potential and even damages for emotional anguish. Your dog’s death may have been preventable, but you should not have to take it lightly. You have a right to take legal action in a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of this dog food. These lawsuits are often very successful, so if you have a dog that was sick from the Beneful dog food, or if you have a loved one who died from the tainted dog food, then you should seek some form of compensation.


  1. I have tried reaching out about my family dog who was poisoned by Beneful, if you could please respond I’d greatly appreciate it.

  2. I had 2 dogs that I fed Beneful to. One dog developed seizures that stopped after I discontinued the food once the report of the food being poisoned came out. That dog has since been put to sleep due to a tumor on his pancreas.
    My other dog who is still alive developed a cataract when she was only 2 or 3 years old. I don’t know how to prove these conditions were caused by the food, but I know that it is.
    My dog has now developed glaucoma along with the cataracts.
    I can’t find any info about the status of this lawsuit or if it has been settled or what law firm is handling it.
    If the lawsuit is still active I would like to possibly join it.

  3. Princess has had the worst time of her life with stones as big as dove eggs. She resently passed them and suffered with great agonizing pains. The surgery was estimated at $3500 to start and no guarantee she would be okayed to be a service ANIMAL after that. That was not acceptable and heart breaking for princess and me as well. Thankfully she passed them but not all. She will require more treatments from the vet and has had many trips to the vet already. She’s been in pain nonstop but now its less. Can you imagine 7 stones the size of doves eggs coming of a chihuahua?

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