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Class Action Lawsuit Against Eos

Class Action Lawsuit Against Eos, LLC – Will They Try to Sue You For Your Health?

If you are injured as a result of Eos in any way, shape, form or fashion, then a Class Action Lawsuit is probably your best choice. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or lip balm, products must always perform as advertised if used for their designed purpose. However, when this is not the case and an injury occurs as a result of the intended use of a particular product, you could have a Product liability case – which is exactly what this class action lawsuit against EOSis.

Basically, this means that a person who has been injured because of the manufacturer’s negligence must seek damages from every person who purchased or used the Eos product during the time frame when the injury occurred. The courts usually allow these lawsuits to be filed by anyone who was injured via the Eos product. In addition, an injury may also occur within a business where Eos was sold as part of a package, such as a retail store.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Eos

When filing such a lawsuit, it is important that you have strong evidence supporting your claims. This is critical because without strong evidence, your lawsuit will fail and no one will stand up for you. So before you file a lawsuit, there are a few things you should consider: Are the claims being made with merit? Are the statements being made true? Do the facts support the accusations being made in your lawsuit?

In the past, if an individual consumer or business suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party, they were typically required by law to file a lawsuit in federal court.

However, under the Federal Rules of Regulations (FRC) from 1990, a person cannot file a lawsuit directly against another individual who was a victim of negligence unless they can show that the negligent party intended to cause the injury.

So although there have been many Class Action Lawsuits filed against Eos Products, it has never been allowed to state that its products were defective or injure people without the permission and knowledge of their valued customers. So in short, unless there are eye-catching, widely-seen reports from witnesses, there is absolutely no reason to file a lawsuit against Eos.

The company’s own media-savvy lawyers have stated on numerous occasions that their product has no side effects, that it’s perfectly safe, and that anyone can experience blistering, redness, burning, itching, etc… Without suffering an injury.

But just when you think there is absolutely no reason to bring a class-action lawsuit, we see something like this coming from time to time. For example, back in April of 2021, there was a Class Action Lawsuit filed against My Body Beauty for releasing an anti-aging formula featuring a patented ingredient called “Aqua.”

Despite this ingredient having been tested in labs over three hundred times, and despite the fact that no adverse health reactions have ever been documented, My Body Beauty knew enough to include the Aqua ingredient in their supposedly safe anti-aging cream.

As you can well imagine, this caused severe rashes and severe bleeding, as well as severe burns.

In one instance, the mother of one of the children who had purchased the product experienced a severe rash, which required emergency medical treatment at the hospital. There were also several reports of pregnant women experiencing miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, premature death, etc…

On that same company’s website alone! Clearly, it was not enough good faith on behalf of My Body Beauty or the parent corporation to properly research and document any potential dangers to buyers, because these mishaps occurred so frequently that many lawsuits arose as a result.

The crux of this entire class action lawsuit against Eos, LLC is that a significant number of Eos users began to suffer from allergic reactions, bleeding, rash, burns, scars, etc…

When using Eos, but received no compensation because no company within the industry was willing to risk their reputation by taking responsibility for such adverse events.

Had such company executives been more forthright with consumers regarding the negative effects of Eos usage and warned them of the severe rashes, difficulty in breathing, etc…

That could occur as a result of Eos usage, many of these lawsuits would never have arisen. This class action lawsuit against Eos, LLC is just the first of what is sure to be many. If you’ve been suffering from negative health reactions due to your use of Eos cream, contact an attorney who specializes in lawsuit funding today!

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