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Class Action Lawsuit Settlement For Samsung Washing Machines

In January 2017, Whirlpool and Maytag settled a class-action lawsuit related to mold growth in front-load washing machines. The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturers failed to warn buyers about the problem and failed to resolve it. As a result, the company must pay for the remediation. However, a recent case filed by the company has made the issue even more complicated. While you can still file a claim if your washing machine has been recalled, the chances of success are significantly lower.

In February, the CFPB denied the claims, citing the lack of reliable information from consumers.

The court found that these washers were faulty. The settlement amounts to $55 million and claims that consumers have suffered from excessive wear and tear and the failure of their washers. In the meantime, the companies are paying out $1.6 billion in compensation. The Samsung top-loading washing machine settlement includes five types of financial relief. You can start a claim today by filling out the form. You may be asked to provide proof of purchase, repairs, and additional damages. The form is completed under penalty of perjury, so you’ll have to be careful when submitting it.

The complaint was approved by the court on June 22, 2017. The company is now waiting for a judge’s approval. In September, consumers are entitled to receive rebates and repair costs from the companies. If you’re a victim of this problem, you may qualify for free repairs. But if you’ve already had a washing machine malfunction, the lawsuit should be able to compensate you. You don’t have to pay for the repair yourself.

The complaint was filed in Ohio on behalf of 2.8 million consumers.

The complaint claims that washing machines were not self-cleaning and therefore caused mold. The manufacturer issued a recall, but it was too late, and Samsung was unable to fix the problem. After the lawsuit was filed, the companies paid the plaintiffs. The case is now awaiting the judge’s approval. A class action can be costly for a company.

The lawsuit was filed against Whirlpool and the companies that produce the appliances. In the case of Samsung, the companies recalled 2.8 million top-load washing machines in the United States due to mold growth. In response to the complaint, consumers received rebates, but these were not enough to compensate them. The companies were forced to settle the class action lawsuits and offered cash payments. This settlement is worth nearly $1 billion. So, Samsung should reimburse all affected consumers.

The plaintiffs in the Samsung top-loading washing machine class-action lawsuit seek to be compensated for the problems caused by the machine’s agitator.

The company also has been recalled for a similar issue. According to the lawsuit, the agitator in the washer can be a hazard. The manufacturer should fix this problem before it causes any further damage to the washer. Although the company is being sued for the issue, there is no guarantee of a resolution.

Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool have all been recalled in recent years for their top-loading washing machines. This recall is a result of mold growth in the top-loading washing machine. It is not the only company to be affected by this issue, but it is a common one. It is worth investigating whether you are eligible for a rebate in this case. It’s important to know that if you have experienced mold in your washing machine, you may be able to receive compensation for it.

In this lawsuit, Samsung is accused of causing mold and mildew to develop in washing machines.

While this could be a minor issue, it can ruin your clothes and decrease their value. The complaint also alleges that the manufacturer of the machine is forcing the manufacturer to offer rebates. This is why consumers should consider a class action lawsuit to replace their washing machines. But how can you be sure? There are two ways to ensure that the problem is fixed.

In a class-action lawsuit against Samsung, LG Electronics, and BSH Bosch, Samsung’s products may be causing mold and mildew growth in the interior of the washing machine. The mold and mildew can damage your clothes and decrease their value. These cases can also cause foul odors. Hence, a class-action lawsuit against these companies has been filed. It is important to understand that these companies are not responsible for the mold and mildew problems in their products.


  1. Model # wa40j3000aw/a2
    Serial # 0dlc5aug405509b
    Hi my name is Lovely J. Beamon. I want to file a claim for the damages to my washer I brought in 4/2017, due to the top breaking and the paint around the top of the washer cracking causing rust. The rust has spotted my white clothes and I want to be compensated for replacing all my garments stained by the rust. I was not aware of the recall until recently seeking information on the washer.

  2. I purchased a Samsung top loading washing machine in September 2017. I just to Michigan and my W/D sold with my home. My Kenmore was still working like a charm even though I’d bought in new in 1989. I never had a problem with mold or rust in my Kenmore. I knew nothing about the class action lawsuit until this week. I had rust accumulate where soap and softener is dispensed. Then i started have stinky clothes. They smelled “moldy” . I washer several time and continued having the same smell. Finally was able to find black mold on the dispenser. It was all over the. I use HE detergent. Followed manufacturer recommendations to use the “self clean” option. I also used washing machine cleaner. NOTHING HELPS! Now what can I do?

  3. I purchased a Samsung Washer several years ago (2015 to 2016?) and noticed after about a year, it started to rust around the dispenser where you add liquids. I have also noticed the moldy smell from the washer after each use. The moldy smell stays on the clothing as well at times. I am having to put the washer through a cleaning cycle at least once a week. When I clean around the top of the drum, I find a black junk coming off the drum. The Model # WA48J7770AP/A2 and Serial #0E6FS5AEG501256P.
    I just found out this from a friend who has these same issues and the class action lawsuit regarding Samsung Appliances. I have a Samsung refrigerator as well which has had to have 3 icemakers replaced over the last 4 years. And for that appliance, Samsung has never sent any notices of issues with the icemakers nor have they offered to replace the appliances. Is there anything that can be done to receive compensation for the problems these appliances are causing those who have purchased them?

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