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Class Action Lawsuits and the Role of E-Z Pass Complaints

If you have been injured as a result of defective design or manufacturing by a manufacturer of an electronic toll system, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer under a Federal False Claims Act lawsuit. Such lawsuits can help you recoup losses and collect compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses suffered as the result of the injury. Filing a Federal False Claims lawsuit requires you to first contact a qualified and experienced federal disability lawyer to assist you in filing your complaint. The disability lawyer will assist you in determining whether you have a case and in developing a personal injury lawsuit proposal that meets the specifications set forth by the FDCPA.

The Federal False Claims Act allows you to file a FDCPA complaint against a toll company, EZ Pass LLC, or any agent or employee of EZ Pass LLC, that failing to provide proper maintenance for its EZ-Pass system. To prevail in such a lawsuit, you must prove that there has been negligence on the part of the entity or employees with responsibility for the proper maintenance of the tolls. In order to establish the state of Washington’s negligence claim, you must show that: (a) The toll operator failed to maintain a system that was properly maintained; and/or (b) The defective design or fabrication caused damages that resulted in injury. These lawsuits are also often referred to as e-z pass suits.

In most instances, the state of wackiness surrounding e-z passes has made it difficult for drivers in New Jersey to access the rest of the state using a pass systems. For this reason, many drivers in the state of New Jersey have become accustomed to paying huge fines for not having an appropriate transponder installed. When a driver is stopped for suspicion of noncompliance with the law, the officer usually requires the driver to present an ez pass certificate. If the driver attempts to present an incorrect or pass certificate, additional charges usually occur. As these penalties continue to mount, some drivers are willing to risk their license by attempting to pay a small fortune in fines in hopes that the additional charges will be so severe that they will just go ahead and buy an ez pass from a company in New Jersey that is authorized to sell or pass cards, rather than suffer a penalty for doing so.

Because this situation has become so widespread throughout New Jersey, and because drivers throughout the state of New Jersey know that they are legally required to display an approved or pass card, it has become necessary to find a way for those who have received an improper to pass the complaint to receive restitution. Therefore, attorneys have begun to offer what are called “ripoff report” services in an effort to help those who believe that they have fallen victim to what is considered to be a ripoff report. By reviewing an ez pass complaint, the attorney assigned to such cases will research the complaint and determine if the complaint contains enough factual evidence to support it. From there, the attorney will then attempt to acquire the evidence necessary in order to present the evidence in a court of law in support of the complaint.

In many cases, if the ripoff report is not sufficient to support a lawsuit, the case will be dismissed. However, there are some circumstances where the information contained in the complaint is enough to warrant a class-action lawsuit. If a legitimate class action lawsuit is brought about by a ripoff report, the drivers who are plaintiffs in the suit are usually entitled to a percentage of any money recovered. (For example, if the drivers prove that they incurred an unreasonable amount of penalty fees or did not receive what they were owed for unpaid tolls, they may recover damages based on that amount of money.)

As you can see, the ripoff is not a real problem in the world of e-z pass complaints and other situations where e-z pass violations are alleged. The real problem comes when company employees, either through negligence or intent, use the wrong information provided on their expense reports and trade line records. When this happens, it can be extremely difficult to pursue a class action lawsuit in court. In many cases, it may be best to just settle the matter. When this happens, all of the statements in the complaint are typically covered by the statutes that allow passengers to sue for damages even if they are not ticketed for the infraction.


  1. They are trying to charge me for a car I do not own . And I did go to the DMV to prove my innocence . However the DMV says that I do not own that car and there is nothing they could do . BUT E-ZPass still says that I own it and still want to charge me .
    HOw do you prove you DO NOT own something when you do not own something?
    EZPass are bullies!

    What coudd I do?

    1. I am going through the same thing right now. Were you ever able to resolve the issue? If so, what did you have to do? I have submitted paperwork showing my name is not on the vehicle and the appeals keep getting denied and I continue to receive toll violations.

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