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Clayton Homes Class Action Lawsuit

Classes in Clayton, Alabama

The Lawsuit is on! Lawsuit Settlement Funding is a Class Action Lawsuit, which was brought on by the plaintiff’s Insurance Company, Clayton Homes, Inc. and several individual/clayton homeowners. This article will cover the details of the class action suit and the Lawsuit itself.

Clayton Homes Class Action Lawsuit

After the devastating floods of nineteen-seventy-three by Mother Nature the Insurance Company of Clayton Homes, Inc. saw the need for flood protection in the region of Clayton, Alabama. Clayton was established in the United States Post Office building in Gadsden, AL. Prior, to the flooding of the residents of the community had been enjoying a lower cost of living due to the boom in the tourism industry in Clayton, Alabama. On the twelfth day after the flooding occurred, on the fortieth anniversary of its founding, a full-scale flood occurred affecting all of Clayton, Alabama.

As is the won’t of the big corporate companies, it took some time to get their hands on the bottled water. It took a couple of months to find the mold symptoms in the homes of the residents of the flood affected communities. Once they did the lawsuits were filed. The Lawsuit is brought on behalf of all those individuals and families who suffered the injuries as a direct result of the flooding. The Class Action Lawsuit covers those who have contracted toxic mold and have been suffering from it for three years or more.

The residents of Clayton, Alabama are represented by the same law firm that handled our prior case, Brown Realty.

The attorneys for this firm are Paul J. Lambros and John R. Lambros, Jr. Both of them are admitted members of the American Bar Association and are very active members of the local communities. They have handled cases similar to this in the past and are quite familiar with the issues that surround this type of lawsuit. They will be representing the plaintiffs in the upcoming case.Mr. Lambros has represented clients who were seriously injured in a vehicular accident and suffered permanent brain damage due to the negligence of the other driver.

Another client was a pedestrian who was killed when a dump truck rear ended his vehicle. This case was settled out of court and no monetary award was received. The attorneys are involved in the aftermath of a natural disaster in much the same way as they would any other legal matter.

The Class Action Lawsuit involves all families in the Clayton Homeschool Class Action Lawsuit.

The settlement will be used to fund the long term care and rehabilitation of the families who have suffered without compensation. This type of case will involve medical and other expenses as well as funeral costs. Families who seek monetary compensation will be considered to be eligible for a claim based on the actual replacement cost of their homes.

Other pertinent expenses such as daycare, transportation, meals and other related costs will be covered by the Clayton Homeschool Class Action Lawsuit.


  1. It’s funny I was not in class action suit, the mold they hid on me has made me and some family members very sick, I filed suit only to be ripped off by the lawyers the courts were even in on it.

  2. Clayton Homes in Lebanon Missouri sold me a home that I wanted improvement like all woods floors 2by6 walls extra insulation Clayton Homes charged me 165 thousand for the home which the windows are so thin air comes in. also they told me a lie from the beginning Crystal was or sales person after waiting six months I gave them a call and ask when my home will be ready well Crystal went to her supervisor Auston and then he became or salesperson he said let me see what is going on after a week Auston gave else a call and said the improvements cannot be made but for my trouble he would pay the bank loan on my Harley which was 3200 and it was paid off also he would give else a 1500 gift card. Auston told me he had a few things done to the home but he would not let else walk through the home, so I trusted him and that was a big mistake still to this day I have a leaking faucet and other things that have not been fixed yet Auston also bribed me by having me to say good things about Clayton Homes in Lebanon MO to his corp. Auston told me he would have everything I wanted if I do so. What Clayton Homes is doing is not showing up to my house to fix my problems I have alot more that needs to be said. Looking for a Law Firm that would take my case. That you Debra Hood

  3. Clayton Homes lawsuit

    Can someone be part of this class action lawsuit against Clayton homes if they don’t live in Alabama. We live in California and have had nothing but trouble with these people. I’m afraid water got into my roof as it poured for 2 weeks without the roof finished. We have waited for this home for a year and 4 months and when it got here 2 months ago we were told it would take 6 weeks before we could move in. It’s been over 2 months and the rain caused a lake under the home and they said they would have someone come out and fill in and have the water diverted away from the home that should of been done when they placed the home. Never got done. They had our sprinkler system put in when it should of been done when it was built since that law was already in affect. The system to the well isn’t done and nobody seems to care. The contractors they hired are very lazy and never wanted to work. They say their done but 2 of the 3 stair landings haven’t been finished. We can’t move in till the final inspection is done. We have lived in a garage for over a year without a bathroom and only cold water. I’ve had to pay for so much storage that was only suppose to be for a couple months but has gone into over a year now. It’s costed us so much money to live like we are. Had to put my disabled husband in a facility as he couldnt live in a garage full of our stuff without the proper care he needs. It’s been a nightmare for a year with these people and they don’t care. I’m exhausted and they won’t even respond to my calls or messages to give me answers. What can I do?

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