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Comcast Lawsuit Settlement – What Does This Mean for You?

A Comcast lawsuit is something that may have been avoided. Last year the Federal Communications Commission was hacked in what is believed to be an attempt to manipulate the election. The attacks were from hackers trying to disrupt the vote and the resulting political fallout. No one was injured in the hacks, but two top officials were forced out of their jobs. One of those involved in the Comcast lawsuit is Associate Attorney Generalae Scott Mcgannelly.

In a prepared speech he gave before the packed house of the Federal Trade Commission he stated, “The only thing worse than dealing with fake news is dealing with false accusations of criminal behavior, and we’ve seen that perhaps it’s not just the Federal Trade Commission that we need to worry about. Fake news can have real consequences, and I intend to name all of those who issued false and politically-motivated charges against three dedicated men here today.” He then asked for forgiveness for all the wrongdoing and put his heart into it saying he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused all those people.

You could almost feel his passion for the case wash over him as he went on. It made you think. He went on to say, “We live in a world where our words have effect, and when I refused to step aside to allow this man to become Comptroller General, I caused a problem for the American people. This problem was not only the results of my actions, but the misrepresentations, innuendos, and attacks which this man and his cronies perpetuated about me.” He ended his plea by saying, “I am very pleased that we were able to successfully complete this lawsuit and I want to apologize to all those who were misled by my actions in this matter.”

You could hear the wheels turning in your head turning, ‘what happened to all that trouble and anger over what the FCC said about this merger?’ Well, actually no one really “hid” anything, it was all out in the open. There were rumors swirling around for months prior to the suit going public that Comcast had to do a free market study and eliminate broadband competition. Well guess what, all those rumors were false and the Comcast attorneys could not produce any evidence that such competition would occur or benefit consumers.

The case moved forward quickly, with Comcast’s attorneys making a few minor corrections along the way to turn up their opponents claims of impropriety. After the case was closed, I called Comcast and they told me they would review my complaint and make sure all my facts were correct. They also told me that if I did not like the settlement, I should go to court. So far, so good.

What will come from this is yet to be seen, but regardless, we are now finalizing a massive lawsuit settlement against Comcast. I’ve already been paid my due and I’ve now had the unpleasant surprise of an attorney that was not fully committed to winning for me. I guess we’ll see how all of this plays out, but it looks to me at this point, the clouds may be rolling in and there may not be a lot of relief for consumers in the near future. So, I will be watching this situation very carefully.

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