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Depuy Pinnacle Hip Lawsuit Update

Download depuy peak hip lawsuit update. In mid-2021 the depuy Pinnacle Hip lawsuit will be in the center of its fifth Bellwether litigation trial. When the second trial was suddenly dropped at the close of its second trial, DePuy Pinnacle Hip MDL was still in the middle of its fourth Bellwether litigation trial, having been in the center of another class-action suit that was scheduled to begin in January of this year. Then later media accounts indicated that the proposed settlement would amount to as much as a record $1billion.

Depuy Pinnacle Hip Lawsuit Update

This massive settlement is unprecedented in the history of the Bellwether lawsuits. The original lawsuit was prompted by allegations that metal-on-metal implants (also known as metal bracelets or ear metal implants) cause debilitating health problems in later life.

The original suits were brought on behalf of elderly folks who were suffering from life-threatening conditions brought on by these metal-on-metal devices. The plaintiffs in this case were seeking monetary compensation for pain, suffering, loss of earning capacity and other damages.

It should be noted that DePuy Pinnacle did not admit to any wrongdoing in this instance nor have they admitted that they did not provide sufficient evidence to show that their metal implants are safe.

Nevertheless, in a matter of months, DePuy Pinnacle has settled the original lawsuit bringing to an end this lengthy legal dispute. This does not mean, however, that all is closed for the plaintiff’s side in their effort to obtain a billion dollar claim.

On the contrary, there is still a possibility that the plaintiff’s attorney may still ultimately recover the millions he is owed. The recent economic downturn and collapse of the housing market is being used by attorneys in this lawsuit to argue that their client is entitled to a billion dollars worth of compensation to cover medical and living expenses and emotional pain and suffering caused by the loss of the plaintiff’s home.

The recent Depuy Pinnacle Hip lawsuit update marks the second case in a row in which a prominent doctor has been found to have ordered hip replacement surgeries using faulty devices.

Dr. Joseph DePuy Poulos, was found to have written the incorrect surgical recommendation in his August 27th letter to the judge that found that his patients should not undergo a bypass procedure.

In his letter, Dr. Poulos wrote that the procedure was minimally invasive and thus would not have a negative effect on a patient’s quality of life. In the subsequent ruling, the court ordered that Dr. Poulos must pay the patient’s medical provider a significant amount of money to make good on his mistake.

Two weeks ago, another federally court hearing regarding the matter was concluded with another letter from Dr. Poulos.

This time, the judge ordered that Dr. Poulos is barred from attending another deposition in the ongoing trial of his patient, who was suing his former partner for negligence. Dr. Poulos failed to disclose that he had ordered a surgical bypass on one of his patients, which ended up causing the woman’s death.

Despite this obvious flaw, this federal court continues to allow Dr. Poulos to testify as an expert in this trial regarding his surgical recommendations. Because of this question witnesses regarding potential witness tampering, this ongoing trial has moved forward at a significantly slower pace.

The Depuy Pinnacle Hip lawsuit is currently underway in a U.S. district court in Manhattan, New York. Plaintiffs’ counsel has indicated that they plan to argue that the procedure was performed on an “as needed” basis in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Other plaintiffs’ counsel has indicated that they will seek additional damages based upon their loss. It is also possible that a jury award could be larger than the current agreement between the parties. For more information on this case, contact a qualified personal injury attorney who specializes in this area of personal injury litigation. Alternatively, check out the website of a reputable local personal injury law firm today.

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