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DeVry University Lawsuit – A Class-Action Lawsuit

A DeVry University lawsuit is a recent example of a class-action lawsuit. Students have sued the school over false claims about graduate success. The company has 70,000 students and 55 campuses across the country. Most programs are offered online, and the company reported a drop in revenue last year of 3.5%. But the company is defiant and is appealing the FTC’s decision to settle the lawsuit. This article outlines some of the key points of the lawsuit.

Borrowers’ Defense program

The United States Department of Education announced that $415 million in student loan debt will be forgiven for former students of for-profit colleges like DeVry University, ITT Technical Institute, and others. The relief will come in the form of a Borrowers’ Defense program. The program promises loan relief to defrauded borrowers. The Biden administration has already approved $2 billion in loan relief for 107,000 students.

Students can take part in the Borrowers’ Defense program at Dev Ry University to protect themselves from fraudulent activity. The program is available to all students and graduates. The school’s motto is “The only way to get ahead is to be better than the next guy.” This motto is echoed in their Borrowers’ Defense program. After graduating from DeVry, students can land a job within 6 months of graduation.

False claims about the success of graduates

The education department alleges that DeVry University made false claims about the job placement rate of graduates. Senior officials at the school were aware that the claim was inaccurate. In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission settled with DeVry over similar claims. In December, the school agreed to pay a total of $100 million to settle the charges. DeVry, which is based in Downers Grove, Ill., has 55 campuses nationwide. It also offers online programs.

In 2015, the FTC and the New York Attorney General called a press conference and called a cease-and-desist letter to DeVry. In the letter, the commission said that DeVry made false claims about the success of graduates. The school’s advertising dates back to 2008, and the complaints were filed with the FTC. Since then, the school has ceased making false claims about the success rate of its graduates.

Federal student loan forgiveness

The Education Department has approved borrower defense claims filed by former DeVry University students, granting nearly $72 million in discharges. The Department is currently reviewing pending applications. The lawsuit is based on a recent audit of DeVry’s operations and promises of student loan forgiveness. The company’s advertisements and website have been proven to be misleading and deceptive, and its former students’ debts reflect this.

In response to this settlement, the Department of Education has issued refund checks for tens of thousands of former Devry University students. However, readers who borrowed from other establishments are not eligible for the DeVry University debt cancellation program. To pursue debt forgiveness, borrowers should consider filing a Borrowers Defense to Compensation (BDC) case. Borrowers can claim their federal student loan forgiveness under this program.

Class-action lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit filed against DeVry University alleges that the school inflated its employment and income rates. The school has a history of misleading students with misleading advertisements and has recently settled with the Federal Trade Commission. In the class-action lawsuit, plaintiffs claim the school misrepresented employment rates and income levels to lure students to enroll in its programs, even though these schools have historically high unemployment rates.

The lawsuit seeks monetary compensation and loan forgiveness and requires DeVry to follow good-government practices. For example, the school must identify and train employees who will continue to promote the school for the next 20 years. If this is proven, the class-action lawsuit could lead to an enormous recovery for students. But a class-action lawsuit against DeVry doesn’t guarantee a monetary award, and it’s important to understand the potential benefits of such a settlement.


The DeVry University lawsuit alleges the school made false claims about job placement and compensation after graduation. During the marketing campaign for the school, DeVry claimed that ninety percent of its graduate’s secured jobs within six months of graduation. These claims were found to be bogus. The company was forced to settle the case with the Federal Trade Commission and the Education Department, which will ultimately cancel the debts of former students.

Students who enrolled in a DeVry program between Jan. 1, 2008, and Oct. 1, 2015, and paid at least $5,000 in cash, loans, or military benefits, are eligible for the settlement. Students must have completed at least one credit class. They also must have received at least one refund check. Students must have received their payments no more than six months after enrollment, as a refund check is only valid for sixty days.


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