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How a Rainbow Light Prenatal Lawsuit May Help Those Who Want to Be a Girl

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Rainbow Light Prenatal Lawsuit

This is one of the rare cases where couples have won the lawsuit. It was a case that the parents of a boy were denied the right to name their son after the sex they prefer to identify him as. The court ruled that they had no right to do so.

This means that a boy could not be named anything other than male, even if he wanted to be identified as a girl. Now the world knows of this couple’s story, and they have got their just desserts.

If the same thing happens to you, then you should file your own lawsuit against the doctor or the hospital for depriving you of your basic human rights.

There is no reason for you to suffer in silence. You deserve to be treated equally in a society that respects your right to choose gender. The Rainbow Light Prenatal Lawsuit will bring awareness about this case to thousands of parents who suffer similar situations.

You can help in gathering funds for your lawsuit.

Your attorney will make sure that your case is well-represented and won. He will help you to collect fees from the hospital for their part in your suffering. This money can go towards the fees of your attorney and the costs of your litigation.

If you are unable to work on a lawsuit because of finances, then you may ask for monetary help from supporters.

If you cannot afford to pay the legal fees alone, then you may ask your family and friends to chip in to help you with the costs of your lawsuit. You will have to provide details about the extent of your medical complications, the trauma that you went through, the expenses that you incurred, the loss that you have experienced, etc. The information that you need to include should not be kept private.

As soon as possible, you must get yourself diagnosed again by a doctor who will be able to confirm whether you are a boy or a girl.

If you were indeed given the chance to be a girl, then the only way for you to escape this predicament is to claim your birth certificate that contains your true gender. It is your proof that you are the right gender. This is how you will gain entry into heaven. A rainbow light lawsuit will help you with this.

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