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LA Fitness Employee Lawsuit

How to File a Lawsuit Against LA Fitness

In a recent LA Fitness employee lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that he suffered “permanent disability” due to the negligent actions of LA Fitness employees. The gym has been sued in the past by several former or current employees, all with similar complaints of negligence. Each of the suits was settled out of court for a lot less than what they claimed to be owed.

So, if you have been injured at work, you are probably wondering how to get the compensation that you deserve? In this article, we will discuss the three main factors that can determine your eligibility for this type of lawsuit. This information will help you understand the process you need to follow in filing your personal injury claim.

LA Fitness Employee Lawsuit

Before you can file an LA Fitness employee claim, you have to first know whether or not you can legally sue the fitness club. There are several factors that determine whether or not an employee has a case – the nature of his injury, whether there was negligence on the part of a fitness employee, and the amount of time the injury was sustained from the occurrence. All of these will play a role in your ability to file the appropriate claims.

In most cases, it is often considered beyond a reasonable doubt that a LA Fitness client suffered an injury as a result of negligence on the part of a fitness club employee.

For example, if an individual receives a slipped disk while running on a treadmill, and the doctor determines that the disk is actually fractured, the court will likely conclude that the fitness club was at fault for failing to provide proper safety equipment.

Another example is when an individual slips on a wet floor in a fitness gym, and the court rules that the victim was partially at fault because he tripped on an improperly lit stairway. These types of situations are referred to as negligence claims, and almost every qualified fitness trainer will readily admit to such cases.

Once you have established that you have a case, the next step you will need to take is to determine how much money you can afford to spend on a lawsuit.

If you are unable to obtain funding on your own, there are many commercial law firms that offer legal counsel at a low cost. If you choose to work with an attorney who is not covered by a preferred law firm, then you will also have to pay your legal fees out-of-pocket.

You should not hesitate to obtain the advice of a personal injury attorney if you do not have the funds to hire one of the more preferred firms. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to handle all aspects of the case, including negotiating a fair settlement and ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the litigation process.

There are some things you must remember when filing a claim.

First, you should always document all information pertaining to your case. If you were injured while working at LA Fitness, take pictures of where you were injured, as well as any injuries that you may have suffered.

It is also important to keep accurate records of every aspect of your recovery, including any medical expenses or lost wages that may occur as a result of your injury. Finally, never sign a release form until your lawyer has reviewed the documents and verified that the incident is indeed an accident.

If you have been injured at work, then you deserve the right to pursue a case against LA Fitness.

You can contact an attorney immediately and begin the process of seeking monetary compensation for your suffering. However, even before contacting an attorney, it is wise to speak to a fitness trainer or other employees who were involved in the case. They may provide important information that can help speed up your case and obtain the results that you deserve.


  1. 7/19/22

    As I’m recovering from a recent , 7/18/22 major invasive kidney surgery this is the last thing I should be dealing with however given the severity of just some of the events that have transpired in recent months and days while I’m still under the employ with LA fitness , it has been suggested to me personally my Workers Comp Attorneys and other professionals that I obtain an additional Attorney, and bring litigation against LA Fitness . It just has to be an Attorney that has some experience with this type of ever changing , case . Basically I was told it’s “ getting very dangerous for you to even be there”I definitely understand that but this company should not be allowed to treat employees the way they do, so I While I can’t be everyone’s savior, but I can definitely protect myself . In addition, it’s very negligent on the part of LA Fitness to keep an individual like this General Manager under their employ. For me personally and other employees, it’s emotionally distressing to not know what kind of odd mood or weird behavior this woman that I don’t even report to , is going to be in ! I’ve worked for some of the best companies in the world and her behavior would never be tolerated .

    As I’m recovering from surgery , I’ll start with an incident that occurred on 7/12/22. I was working my normal closing shift , when approximately 9 pm a small group of people came in I verified their memberships as per protocol to allow entrance but I immediately recognized this one person as someone we had to ban from the gym for Harrassing other members, threatening them with a gun both inside the gym and outside of the gym , His name is Damian Nunez , so when I asked him his name to look him up his response was “ I’m Fredrick “ I said does Frederick have any ID on him, he immediately became defensive, saying no I do t have I’d I’m just here to play basketball so I pulled up his revoked / denied membership, adjusted the screen so he could see it and told him “ you are in revoked denied status, he asked “ why” I told him if he needed further explanation he could call corporate in the morning, his immediate response was “ You know how I roll and I’m packing, I know what you drive , I know when you leave , and I’m going to shoot you”

    Since we do not have absolutely any security there none whatsoever, I felt that I was not willing to take a bullet for LA Fitness so just like the last time when he did this same stuff to other employees and members , when the police were called , the families of the victims decided not to press charges or file a police report out of fear, however today on 8/2/22 I am going to BSO and I’m filing now that I have recovered from surgery fully .

    I brought this to the attention of corporate that this situation is getting out of control and as a person with a disability my physician drafted a very strong letter to LA Fitness recommending that they immediately implement security measures for the night shift fir their members and guests.. as of 8/2 /22 they gave not , only telling me they “ were looking into it”. Also known as placating.
    In most businesses especially nowadays when you hear the words,



    Cause Harm

    I have a gun/ weapon

    These are immediate words that would send most ethical companies into immediate protection mode, sadly , as you will see , LA Fitness does not care about the safety of their members, employees and their guests, that’s one of the reasons there are so many lawsuits against them . I was subsequently told by other LA Fitness employees that “ LA Fitness is not going to spend any money on security “ Furthermore, unbeknownst to me several of these employees also told me to look up / google shootings and incidents at LA Fitness and shockingly there are similar incidents going back like 12 years, most recently a woman was attacked on6/28/22 I. North Miami LA fitness who was attacked by another member with a metal bar and beaten over the head !

    To add insult to injury also on July 12 th ,( prior to me being threatened to be shot at the front desk , Area Manager Robert Hinkson “attempted” to fire me because I had reported the illegalities of the Managers that constantly creates a hostile work environment for not just the employees but the members and their guests directly to HR ., did they do anything ?? No ! Absolutely nothing except told me we will discuss these issues with her.

    How about reprimanding her for breaking the EEOC Federal Hostile Work Environment Law??? No not a thing was done..

    I’ll illustrate some of these issues for you to have a better understanding. Why they allow her to get away with such behavior nobody really knows, but in any other ethical business she would have been terminated a long time ago ( she was fired once before, but fir some unknown reason they bright her back, most likely because she probably makes them money because that’s all LA Fitness cares about us money, they will overlook illegalities for the sake of their bottom line:

    Let’s start with an incident that occurred a few months back with me personally. Obviously since I have a documented disability which LA Fitness is aware of because I was very upfront about it before accepting this position and even had my physician draft a document advising them of the data and times that I could work , because o. The days I cannot work I’m either at Doctors appointments, Urologist appointments or with my Primary physician.

    With regards to the hostile work environment she creates, it’s very voluminous, but I can give you an idea on how bad it is .

    On one occasion, I had come into work on a Sunday and
    I went behind the front desk as usual to do what I always do check in member, collect past due balances etc .

    She normally stays in her sales area but in this particular day, ( again I was just returning from another Kidney surgery, so apparently they had hired this new kid who I already knew I was going to have to help train and I was happy to do it. Joan Vento the sales Manager immediately comes behind the front desk Kicks one of the stools/ chairs we sit in at the desk so hard it slammed against the wall and in my mind I said to myself, “ oh boy get ready this is not going to be a fun day , but I’ve seen her behavior before Even reported it to corporate before, and of course they did nothing then either !!!! that first report was probably 6 months ago, when I reported it , they told me “ we discussed her behavior with her”

    Back to the most recent hostile work environment incident, so she kicks the chair back it slams against the wall and she starts screaming at guests and members “ are you a member, is your guest registered, did they sign the waiver of liability, are you on a guest pass “?

    Ive even seen her chase dome members running up the stairs just to verify that a person is an actual member, then she screams fron the second floor” James can you verify their membership by pulling up their phone number, it’s so embarrassing and unprofessional and when she finds out that they are not just members but long term members, it’s just very awkward and unprofessional,,and again they always come to myself or someone at the front desk asking “ how do I report her to corporate “ we all give them the information to do so but we all know they aren’t going to do anything about her, several members know she was fired before and tried to tell us what they believe happened, but honestly nobody knows and at this point I’m just felling so targeted and personally attacked I just font care I just know that as a person with enough stress from my medical conditions and being a person with a disability, she, they ( La Fitness) have already violated my Americans With Disabity Act .. but I’m sure they don’t even know what exactly that is or entails..

    She literally had approximately 20 plus people being held up I. The lobby and 90 percent of them I know just from dealing with them , their memberships are in good standing and if they have guests with them , their guests are registered , waivers are already signed and all they want to do is walk into the gym get in their workouts , and not have to deal with the stress
    and hostility she brings into that gym .

    So this continues approximately for like 20 minutes, which when you’ve got members upset that they have to endure this and the added stress to myself and even the new kid it seemed like an eternity .

    Members were literally coming up to me asking me” who do I/ we need to speak with ti cancel my membership? I pointed to her ( Joan Vento ) most of them said to me “ but you’re a Manager right? I said no , I’m just an employee, and for whatever reason they said well you should be the Manager because you conduct yourself like a professional, which even made the situation worse for me because not only did she hear this but it made her even more hostile. As the lobby continues to get packed with people she’s interrogating / questioning their memberships the poor new kid they hired has alert stepped away from the desk by the wall watching this all play out in utter disbelief. Finally someone came in that actually wanted to buy a membership and she walked away from the front desk and took the person into the sales area and did her thing, meanwhile, we still had to deal with the members that were inconvenienced and some cancelled, they all wanted her name , the corporate phone number, and mist of them said “ How can LA Furness allow her to even work here with that kind of behavior ???

    ( that’s the question I’ve been asking myself for months ,having worked for some of the biggest and best companies in the world , I know , this type of behavior would be grounds for immediate termination)
    I just said , I don’t have an answer for you. . Her behaviors are not only hostile her approach to selling memberships is abrasive and she even conveniently forgets to not disclose to members about their “ annual fee’s” which ultimately 90 percent of these members end up at the front desk and it’s always the same thing: “ what is this $52.43 charge for , we were told by her( Joan Vento ) there was a zero registration fee” then they point to the signage that’s all over the gym that does in fact say 0 registration fee” ( again sales is not my department and I don’t sell memberships)

    Most of them just end up cancelling and saying “ she’s using deceptive sales practices, just cancel our membership “

    So back to the “ attempted termination “
    On July 12 th a few hours before I was threatened to be shot and killed.

    Area Manager Robert Hinkston, was having a discussion with me saying “ I just don’t see how you and Joni ( the Sales Manager) can work together, I just don’t see it working out”. Like you want to fire me for her illegal behavior??

    Of course none of this conversation was NEVER documented at all nor was anything ever put in writing . I just said to him , go ahead, terminate me. It’s La Fitness being negligent keeping her under their employ “ he thought about what I said and said “ are you sure you can work with her?” I said yes, but her “ issues “ need to seriously be addressed “
    That was the end of that conversation, until like a week later . Apparently a few months ago when she was actually trying to be friendly with me, she came up to me and said “ james I just got off a conference call with my boss , I think he’s leaving , I’m not sure I just have this feeling inside “

    She then said” what am I going to do?”
    I looked at her and said” what are you talking about? “

    She said, I don’t know anything else but selling fitness”

    I told her “ look , you are good at selling , there’s plenty of companies that would love you’re selling abilities “ ( no let’s not forget she still has issues)
    But I was trying to make her feel better , she said what else could I do?

    I said if I were you and you’re feeling the way you do, Personally , I’d be look into 2 companies that I think are going to be game changers in the travel industry, Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, and Virgin Voyages”owned by Richard Branson .

    Would you believe she actually TOLD Human Resources’s that I was trying to recruit her / solicit her to work for these companies!!!! Lol ,, when HR asked me about this I cleared that up real quick, “ I told them no actually she approached me and asked me what I would do if I were in her situation, they immediately knew I was telling the truth.. she was asking me for advice then twisted it around to say I was trying to recruit her and solicit her !! I have no connections at either of these companies, I just happen to stay on top of things and not just breeze through life completely oblivious to everything else going on in the world and MY focus is not about ruining peoples lives and creating a hostile work environment. Seriously, to make NEGATIVE comments about Jewish people
    African Americans or ANY person irrespective of race Cole, religion or sexuality is definitely not a good trait to have. Even worse , when all of these people are contributing ti her paycheck !!!

    Completely Unacceptable!!

    I said on that conference call “ is there anything else we need to discuss because we are busy and I need to get back to work”

    Subsequently , it’s been like two months since she’s spoken to me. She is now even walking out the back door just to avoid me when she leaves at night .. there’s gotta be something really bad going on in her life for her to spend , 12 plus hours a day selling memberships, I actually feel bad for her. ( why I don’t know, but moving forward, that is no longer the case !!!!

    All of this while my own Manger who I actually work for was out of the country with his wife!

    I said seriously so are you sure you want to go from me being employed to moving straight to termination, while She’s the one creating a hostile work environment? He sits back and thinks about it. Then says but you’ve reported her to Human Resources before.
    My response is because her illegal behavior was happening , before , it was wrong then it’s still wrong now!!!And it’s still happening now and you and the people at corporate are doing nothing about it.
    ( Corporate by the way is a PO Box I. Irvine ,California, not that that’s important)

    Then he says can you work with her ?

    My response to him was “ look I’ve worked for and been trained by some of the biggest and best companies/ airlines in the world , Pan An 1 &2, The Corporate offices of Royal Caribbean, in incentive Sales ( doing charters, not reservations) Air France and a couple of private corporate jet airlines, I’ve been trained by the FAA, TSA, Department of Homeland Security and even the CIA , in addition, I’ve flown Presidential Charters, so to answer you’re question if I can deal with 300 people at 30,000 feet in the air for a. Extended length of time , I can deal with her. I did say however if her hostility continues towards me , I will continue to report the incidents.

    His response was “ as you should we want to know” because HE ( Area Manager Robert Hinkston) sensed at this point he knew that I was in the right and attempting to terminate me would not ne in the companies best interest.
    One of the reasons he wanted to fire me was because he said I was sending a text onMy phone behind the front desk, to which I responded “ really, shall we look at video footage of other employees completing and working on their college courses on their laptops and never looking up to greet a member ??? Then he had nothing to say, so I said either you’re firing me or I’m going back to the front desk which at that point was very busy and chaotic and I did not want to see the new person go through all of that alone. So that date was July 12 , 2022

    Think about the above scenario I am describing..

    They wanted to fire me yet after numerous attempts to at least get them to try and help this woman change her behavior, apparently they figured “ oh just fire him and we have to keep her because she’s making the company money”

    Well she’s doesn’t have the best reputation in the company for being an ethical, kind person, but she does make them money!!!!

    I was definitely not hired to do damage control or assist LA fitness with assessing their “ high liability risk employees, not for $ 10.00 per hour!

    Then I had to have another surgery on July 18th on the other kidney . So I had to take another week off these surgeries they knew about well in advance and there was no issues regarding staffing whatsoever, everything was provided to my own boss weeks in advance .

    Actually I didn’tt even take the full week off that my Doctor Recommed, I actually came back on Sunday June 24 th . While I was out I received and email from Area Manager Robert Hinkston again, saying , we’ve addressed the matters including the shooting threat . And we will discuss this with you when you’re recovered from you’re surgery.
    So I was back an entire week and he never had that additional discussion with me til 8/1 /22 and this was a conference call with myself him and the woman from Hunan Resources whom I’ve spoken to once before when it became absolutely unbearable to continue with dealing with hostile work environment that Sales Manager Joni Vento , creates.

    So on August 1 , the meeting started out fine, my first question bead ,so what type of security measures are you implementing regarding the safety ans security of the members and employees?

    “ oh we are looking into that, possibly might bring in an outside security company but nothing has been decided yet. So I had told them “ even with what I just saw in the news about another one of our locations?

    Her response was “ there’s more to that story I said I just am telling you what I saw on. The news” woman bludgeoned In aerobics class at LA fitness North Miami Beach”

    Then the conversation shifted back to this Sales Manager , telling me she’s “ just doing her job” I said no what she’s doing is illegal . They both went silent.

    Then back to the shooting attempt, I told them I think it’s in my best interest to file a report with BSO on Tuesday 8/2 / 22

    They immediately responded if you need any information from us we care here for you, I told them I already have everything I need his name , address, phone number. I’ll take care of it myself.

    Subsequently, after that conference call I was told that while u was recovering from. My last surgery,
    Sales Manager Joan Vento had made a comment about the Operations Manager Frank Hayne
    Saying “ Why can Frank keep a staff and mine all resign”? I had NO response, she actually was waiting for me to give her an answer! My answer would have been “ because nobody wants to deal with you’re constant mood swings and hostility in the workplace “

    I was shocked, but then given her hostility towards people Oh including doing Jewish accents, African American accents and Asian accents , I wasn’t shocked. From her own sakes staff apparently when she sells a membership to a certain person, she will do accents mimicking them once they have left her desk and are out of earshot . So they cannot hear her .

    Her hostile work environment especially towards me has to be stopped, months ago she caused an older lady so much stress when I came into work this ( coworker)lady begged me to go home early because Joni was causing her so much stress, I said of course, go home take care and take your meds, don’t worry I can handle this. Subsequently, she had a stoke and never came back!!!

    Another kid same situation, told me the “ stress “and anxiety of having to work near / with Joan Vento was so bad he had to resign. Now the kid is under a doctors care and on a benzo !

    There was another kid , who just quit. A few days ago, .. several months ago I. The middle of COVID. I come into the gym to work and Joan Vento immediately comes up to me asking me “ where’s Dante?, he’s been gone from the front desk for 5 minutes. I said give me a second I just walked in the door , then she proceeded to say to me” oh come James , you know how “ They “ are he’s probably home counting his welfare and food stamp balance”!!!!

    She even further tried to drag me into her racist , diluted frame of Mind by saying “ you and I were raised differently, we weren’t raised like the blacks and Jews , the blacks snd Jews just want everything for free”
    At that point I said to her, “ You are so wrong for saying this, I’m not like you , I definitely don’t know you , you and I have Nothing in common , I’m in complete disagreement with your racist remarks and walked away from her” !!!
    Well actually he was interpreting one of the female janitors COVID results from English ti Creole for her!!!

    The situation there for me is beyond toxic and her hostility just won’t stop, I don’t know if she has something on the company that makes her impossible to fire her, I would have NO way of k owing this, but for the sake of my own health and hopefully some changes will be made with regards to the other employees that have to endure her daily hostility, something will come out of this fir them as well , because IF there’s no agreement between her and the company that she can never be fired again, then they are in violation of allowing her to violate the Federal EEOC laws regarding hostility and violent outbursts in the workplace.

    I’m hoping that you can assist me with my situation at LA Fitness , I’ve. Spoken to other Attorneys about this and they are willing to file a demand letter / litigation, I just want to make sure I have the right Attorney to represent me.

    The emotional toll, depression , unnecessary stress this is causing me is taking its toll on my mental and physical well being , I have no idea who or where to turn to , and quitting is not an option, it’s not even in my work vocabulary! This woman may have broken down a lot if people over the years, but nit me. They rehired her in September of 2021 like 2 moths after I started this part time nightmare job, during which time I’ve seen her go through probably 70 to 80 sales people, no one ever stays in her department. It’s a bad, toxic illegal environment they ( La fitness ) is allowing to continue, and they are negligent to continue to allow her to behave like this all because she can make them money. It’s pathetic!

    As of August 30, 2022 , LA fitness has now shared my private information regarding my injury with those that DO Not have a legal business need to know, they have discussed my health ( hippa protected ) health information with my coworkers while I was out for 2 weeks dealing with my injury, they have even showed the videos of me being taken out by the paramedics on a stretcher to those that do not have a business need to know . I’ve only been back to work for 3 days and I’m sure they are going to keep messing up , my Attorney only can handle my workers comp case , my physician advised me to contact your office to see how you might be able to assist me with bringing attention to this matter and any legal individuals that can assist as he said this is a MAJOR bad situation that a major corporation that is actually being supported by a lot of the LGBTQ community, and LA Fitness needs to be held accountable for their negligent mishandling of this situation. Yes I will fully cooperate with you if if you suggest taking it to the media, you can count on me to stand by my story and tell it to whoever you deem necessary.. at this point, it’s about correcting these serious illegal , discriminatory .

    As of 9/21/22
    I was advised by another Attorney that I should file a Cease and Desist order against this particular out of control Manager Joan Vento for defamation and slander immediately and I should advise or ask my workers Comp Attorneys to suggest/ Recommend am additional Attorney to handle these issues especially since this Sakes Manager ( who I dint even report to or work for ) Carrie’s a GUN into the gym.
    The Cease and Desist was sent to her on 09/21/22 and the request for an Attorney that’s Capable and qualified to handle and address these issues from a legal standpoint because as other Mangers have told me “ she doesn’t even understand that what she’s doing is 100 percent illegal, she even said to other members and employees “ La fitness will never fire me, I’d have to KILL somebody in order for that to ever happen” !!!!!

    “ KILL Somebody “ ok there’s definitely something that someone is completely missing the point on here . Even their own workers comp Dr. Said “ now she’s actually using the words” Kill Somebody “ oh you definitely have to make noise , I don’t want you dead, this WAS a simple workers comp case when this occurred, but now you need to either Find the right Attorney that can handle this challenge, and I’d even recommend speaking with the authorities too. Someone has to intervene, if HR is unwilling to control her, you HAVE to do something before she SNAPS “


    That’s from Their OWN workers comp Dr. That oversees my physical therapy.

    As of 9/30/22

    Comments made by LA Fitness Manager Frank Hayne, Have you been break dancing with you’re bad back and pain”?

    I’m tired of this bullshit

    The Concentra Workers Comp Dr was Negligent for not listening to me when I kept telling her I still have pain and spinning sensations.

    She didn’t listen to a dam word , she should be held negligent for saying I’ve reached a maximum MMI

    The only Dr. That is actually listening to me and cares about what I’m going through is Dr. Paul Melin.
    Hopefully he agrees to do exploratory shoulder blade surgery and since he has given me an Opiste pain med unlike the Concentra Dr. Stephanie Elsen , he seriously does have the patients best interest at heart . Like he told me when I asked him about “ why do people have bad things to say about you as a workers comp Dr? His response was “ people lie”

    I don’t blame him for seeking the truth.

    As far as my other issues at LA Fitness , they are being negligent by allowing the behavior of this Sales Manager Joan Vento even AFTER I served her with a Cease and Desist letter , she never even responded as she was instructed to do by 9/27/22

    I’m trying to heal, treat my injury , go to physical therapy and endure the bullshit and pain of having to be at the Front Desk at LA Fitness. I can’t do it all. My days start very early morning and end after 12 midnight . Even then I’m still up sending notes to my Attorney and DWC-25 gotms by the time I get to bed it’s 3 am then I start all over again.

    It would be nice if I could be away from LA Fitness just so Dr Meli can treat or do whatever he needs to do to get me feeling better, but being at LA Fitness under their watchful eye of the camera , and trying to treat from a medical and physical therapy approach , what I am having to endure at LA fitness is interfering with my ability to medically heal.

    I’d rather Dr. Meli just do whatever he fells necessary medically and from a physical therapy standpoint and remove me from work indefinitely. LA Fitness’s treatment of me is interfering with my ability to treat and work with Dr. Meli , because he’s. The only one that can go inside and see exactly what’s going on with my Right Shoulder Blade.

    Seriously, there is even one employee with a broken finger at LA Fitness who not only is “ out indefinitely “ but actually she comes into the gym to workout when she is normally scheduled to work !!!

    Again on 10/2
    More Bs from HR in the firm of a text DM saying “ we have spoken to her and it should be resolved”

    My response to them at HR was:

    “ look you allowed her slanderous/ defamatory activities to go on for over 60 days, the Cease and Desist Letter was sent directly to her by me, you’re being very negligent and I can hold you as a thirsts party litigant for all of the HR people for allowing this illegal behavior that you basically greenlighted her and allowed her slanderous/ defamatory emails to continue.

    No you’re e Mail is not a sufficient response she has until 11/4 / 22 to respond to me or face legal consequences. !

    I definitely still need to hire a Civil Attorney to handle the other issues as illustrated above .
    With kind regards,

    James Morotti

    Phone : xxx-393-6602
    Email: [email protected]

  2. This Sales Manager has a very bad history with LA Fitness , obviously she’s a serious liability to the entire company overall, to make racist comments about anyone is wrong and illegal , she’s pushing the boundaries of the law to the extreme that she could end up behind bars . There’s a saying “ don’t bite the hand that feeds you” well I do go to this location and o do know that a large percentage of African Americans and The LGBTQ community frequent this gym and Joan Vento doesn’t realize that the people she “ has so much hate for are paying her commissions and without them , you’d have no paycheck at all!

    So the real issue is that corporate is well aware of her behavior, they know she’s racist and spews hatred and racism in the workplace and the company overall is Grossly Negligent by allowing her to continue being under their employ. She’s a recovered alcoholic, drug abuser and she also carry’s a concealed weapon into the gym while she’s taking her prescription medication 💊 which we all know the surge in workplace violence is on the rise , just look at all the shootings we see daily on the news. As a company they can be held as a negligent third party litigant since they are aware of her racism and hatred towards certain groups/ classes of people How is LA Fitness going to explain Away her reckless actions if she continues on this path under their employ ( and Kames Morotti has alerted everyone at LA Fitness about her behavior and that working with her is dangerous, when you have a serious mental issues like she has and is not tending to her mental health , she could SNAP at any moment and start shooting inside the gym where there are not just adults but children in the kids club, so the higher ups at LA Fitness are aware of her dangerous, erratic behavior and they still want to keep her under their employ?

    It’s going to be too late for LA Fitness to do anything after she snaps and starts shorting, members, children and employees, they ( the people in corporate) know all about her are they just waiting until they are picking up bodies off of the floor at LA Fitness Pompano Beach , bodies that she is capable killing by bringing a loaded weapon into that gym and the person ( Joan Vento ) has serious mental issues corporate is aware of her issues, they refuse to get her the mental health she desperately needs , because as long as she’s bringing in the money it’s ok .

    How are they going to explain away that they knowingly allowed a person with mental issues and brings loaded weapon into that gym and she starts shooting up the place killing innocent people and children that are clueless that the woman that sold them their memberships is mentally unstable and LA Fitness won’t know how to respond when / if she actually does start shooting people in their gym as opposed to getting rid of her since obviously EVERYONE at the highest level of the corporate Chan knows she’s unstable , they have been told my numerous employees that she has threatened them, has demonstrated aggressive/ dangerous behavior in front of so many employees, that have reported these outbursts of dangerous behavior to the powers that be and the powers that be HAVE NOT Taken ANY corrective action whatsoever to protect their own members and employees from her , that in and of itself is Gross Negligence, it would be different if they were never earned about her , but they have had so many people complain to them about her dangerous behavior while on the job reported her actions and yet the company Fitness International which owns LA Fitness is simply not listening to anyone or tussling these reports seriously, that’s so reckless and illegal on their fault because her behavior has been well documented for years she just keeps slipping through the cracks, it’s going to be too late to do anything about her AFTER she kills someone or a number of people the time to take immediate action against her is NOW not later , later how will they ( the company) explain to the media , yes we knew she was capable of causing serious harm to our members , guests, children and our employees but we chose to do NOTHING about it!!

    This is a reckless way to run any business especially when you already know she has issues , she’s a threat to herself and everyone she’s around , at the very least TRY and get her the Mental Health she so desperately needs otherwise she will one day snap and start shooting up the gym .

    As for the African Americans she hates so much we should all ban together, cancel All of our memberships and when they ask us the reason for cancellation all we have to say is you’re negligence to keep a k own racist General Manager Joan Vento under you’re employ.

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