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A Gatorade Lawsuit

The consumer who was injured in a Gatorade Commercial Water Drink owes compensation. That is the stipulation of a lawsuit filed against the Gatorade company. The suit is one of several that have been filed against Gatorade, Inc. and their subsidiary, Just Dines. The suits are based on negligence. Gatorade knew that their drinks contained a high concentration of caffeine. They did not warn that they could be dangerous.

Caffeine is a stimulant that increases blood flow to the muscles when ingested. When ingested by an individual, it causes spikes in heart rate and can cause the heart to beat faster than normal. The result of being in excess of the required amount for the task at hand, which can be jogging or exercising, can be deadly. Gatorade knew that their drinks were capable of doing this but did not warn of the potential problem. They had no business warning people of the danger or even advising them to stay away from the product due to the risk involved.

Gatorade was owned by the Gates family, and the founder of that company, Bill Gates, is married to Lisa Olson, a former VP of Microsoft. The company marketed other sports drinks prior to their product launch of the Gatorade sports drink. The timing couldn’t have been better. Everyone was talking about the new product line, and the demand was enormous. The problem was, as with most things, timing is everything, and Gates had other ideas. He and his wife invested in a little company called Vitamin Water and released their product there, as well.

The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court without a settlement deal in which the company would admit to all charges. The damages claimed in the lawsuit totaled over $6 million, and included pain and suffering. While not directly related to the Gatorade incident, those claims are obviously relevant. The Gates family lost a lot of money due to medical bills and lost their home and their car.

The company was sued by the parents of one of their customers, as well, who were not parties to the lawsuit. The complaint alleged the defendants knew about the dangers of the beverage, yet sold it to the unsuspecting consumer anyway. The complaint also stated that one of the defendants, Dr. John Ioannidis, did not properly document the drug that he administered to his patients, thus allowing it to be distributed without a prescription. Another defendant, Jon Barron, did not document the use of the drug on any patient, either. As a result, his drug caused someone to become severely ill – resulting in their death. All three defendants were ultimately found guilty of negligence and forced to pay back the money they illegally gained from the Gatorade incident.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a lawsuit like this is needed. Gatorade is a very popular beverage, one that millions are familiar with. Considering this, and considering the fact that these wholesalers exist almost entirely online, the chances of such products being distributed without proper instructions are nearly non-existent. If you or a loved one has been harmed because a company was selling an unsafe product, you should definitely contact a qualified attorney. This lawsuit is worth filing, and the outcome could very well change the way you live!

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