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False Sale Price Lawsuits

False advertising lawsuits may be difficult to file, but you have a strong case against the company that makes a false sale price. Read on for tips on how to file for a False Claims Act lawsuit. You can also find examples of similar lawsuits in the U.K. and the [...]


Debit Card Overdraft Lawsuits

Debit Card overdraft lawsuits can be a powerful way to get money back. Banks like TD Bank, CF, and Carolina First are all too familiar with this practice. These banks are notorious for reordering debit card transactions to cause overdrafts. A Union Bank customer recently had $50 in their checking [...]


What is Prolonged Labor and How is it Treated?

We wish labor was always swift and painless. For some women, however, labor can be a grueling experience with no apparent end in sight. Prolonged labor carries an elevated risk of birth injuries to both mother and child, so doctors must carefully monitor vital signs and perform a C-section, if [...]