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Alachua County State Attorney – Who is the Best?

Several contenders are running for the office of Alachua County State Attorney, but who is the best? Let’s look at a few. Here, we’ll look at Knute Nathe, Brian Kramer, Adam C. Josephs, and Kevin McCallum. Each one has unique qualifications and backgrounds, so we’ll discuss each of them in turn. However, we’ll focus on the most important criteria in a candidate’s resume: their experience in criminal and civil cases.

Knute Nathe

Originally from St. Joseph, Florida, Knute Nathe first became interested in law as an extern and later a Certified Legal Intern at the Alachua County State Attorney’s Office. He joined the agency in 2013 and conducted several juries and nonjury trials, motion hearings, and other legal proceedings. He joined McClain Alfonso, P.A., in November 2014. Nathe practices in the areas of family law, criminal law, and general civil litigation. He has extensive trial court experience in Florida and has a strong background in administrative hearings before the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.

In Alachua County, there are four candidates for state attorney: Edward B. Deery, Knute Nathe, and John H. C. Moore. The two other candidates are in Delaware County: Knute Nathe and John M. Stapleton. Nathe is a Republican. Those opposed to him should vote against him. Knute Nathe is a liberal Republican.

Brian Kramer

The Office of Brian Kramer, Alachua County’s State Attorney, is making news again for the sloppy way in which he is handling crime and his misplaced priorities. His office is launching a new program at taxpayer expense to restore the voting rights of felons. This is a completely unnecessary program; the duty of the State Attorney is to prosecute crime, not restore the rights of felons.

The office of state attorney, Brian Kramer, is taking legal action against a former alderman for Alachua County, Beverly McCallum. McCallum filed an election petition in April but was disqualified when the Florida Supreme Court suspended her for 15 days. The court agreed with the state attorney’s office and issued an injunction against McCallum’s name being on the ballot. McCallum appealed the ruling to the 1st District Court of Appeal. A three-judge panel sided with the state attorney and denied McCallum’s claim of eligibility.

Kevin McCallum

The office of state attorney is a highly-coveted position in Florida. Unfortunately, it is not without its flaws. McCallum, who has been suspended from the Florida Bar for more than 15 days, failed to meet the required requirements for the position. This includes a minimum of five years as a Florida Bar member. While he has made many counterarguments in his defense, Leon County Circuit Judge Angela Dempsey has ruled that he is ineligible.

The district of Alachua County contains six counties, and the Republican incumbent, Bill Cervone, has decided not to run for re-election. This has left Democrat Beverly McCallum unopposed. Former state attorney Kevin McCallum was suspended by the Florida Bar in December after allegations of misconduct were made against him in a letter to the chief judge of the 5th Circuit.

Kevin joined McClain Alfonso, P.A. in November 2014

A Florida native, Kevin Nathe began his practice as a Certified Legal Intern and extern at the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office in 2013. He has extensive experience handling jury and nonjury trials, as well as motion hearings. Kevin joined McClain Alfonso, P.A. in November 2014. He practices criminal and family law, as well as general civil litigation. His experience includes trials in numerous state and federal trial courts, as well as administrative hearings before the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.

Tim joined Yellow, Koeppel & Anderson in November 2014

Tim Koeppel joined Yellow, Koeppel ‘Anderson’ in November 2014. A native of Lee County, he spent his undergraduate and law school years in the United States Army. During his tenure in the military, Anderson was assigned to the Special Forces and served as Honor Guard in Arlington National Cemetery. In 2009, he escorted Senator Ted Kennedy’s coffin to his final resting place. He learned Arabic and other languages and developed his fighting skills by joining the Special Forces A-Team. After graduating from law school, he worked as a teaching assistant in trial practice. In addition, he was a Certified Legal Intern for the State Attorney’s office in Alachua County.

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