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Cortland County District Attorney

There are many candidates for Cortland county district attorney, but Patrick Anthony Perfetti and Mark Suben are the favorites. In this article, we’ll look at each candidate’s qualifications and experience. We’ll also discuss Ontario County DA Jim Ritts. We’ll discuss each of these candidates in more detail later. For now, however, let’s start with Suben. He has extensive experience in the legal community, having served as a City Corporation Counsel and an acting city court judge.

Patrick Anthony Perfetti

The People of the State of New York v. Jason A. Hartwick case has been appealed in Albany State Court. The case involves a Cortland Burger King employee who is accused of robbing the manager of the business while the end-of-day receipts are being deposited. The accused planned to steal the day’s proceeds at the restaurant when it closed on December 16, 2020.

Mark Suben

Controversy has rocked the District Attorney of Cortland County, N.Y. Mark Suben’s history with pornography was revealed by an anonymous YouTube video. Suben has since apologized for his bad judgment and misbehavior and is preparing to resign from his post. But the controversy has already made Suben’s former life in the entertainment industry a topic of public debate.

Former Cortland public defender and assistant district attorney Mark Suben will face off against Republican candidate Keith Dayton on Tuesday at SUNY Cortland. Political science professor Robert Spitzer will moderate the event. Suben and Dayton will not engage in back-and-forth debate but will respond to questions and offer their points of view. The forum is slated to last about an hour.

Ruggiero alleges that District Attorney Mark Suben conspired with Alderman Dye to have the plaintiff arrested. The District Attorney’s office later changed its mind and offered the dismissal of the charges if Ruggiero agreed to release his liability. Ruggiero requested the weekend so he could consider his options. But Suben didn’t call him. Suben was already under investigation for a crime.

Jim Ritts

On Tuesday, the Cortland County District Attorney and Ontario County District Attorney were elected to the Board of Directors of the District Attorneys Association of State New York. Because of the Covid pandemic, the annual Winter Conference was held virtually. However, the District Attorneys Association did elect them to two committees. DA Ritts and DA Perfetti will sit on the Ethics Guidance Committee and the Legislation Committee.

Ontario County DA Jim Ritts

The Republican primary election in Ontario County has seen Jim Ritts win with 55 percent of the vote to become the new District Attorney. Ritts beat his rival Kitty Karle by more than 3,100 votes, which was enough to take the seat, but she has yet to appear in the results. Kitty Karle is running on the Conservative and Independence lines in November. Ritts says he plans to focus on the opiate epidemic, including bringing drug prevention into local schools.

In the Republican primary, the topic of prosecutorial misconduct played a major role. Karle portrayed herself as an “unsworn expert” and misrepresented the testimony of a defense witness. She also incorrectly suggested that the witness chose not to testify because she was “guilty.” But even with all of this misconduct, the Ontario voters did not see through Karle’s misbehavior. They picked Ritts because of his background and his record.

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