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Bicycle Accident Attorney

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Before the invention of cars in the mid-1880s, people used bicycles as a means of road transportation. After the invention of cars, bicycles started to take a back seat from being the major means of road transportation.

Today, bicycles are becoming increasingly common in many parts of the world, especially among commuters, due to their eco-friendliness and the pollution caused by motor cars. However, their increasing popularity has also led to an increase in bicycle-involved road accidents.

Like the victims of other forms of road accidents that happened as a result of negligence, victims of bicycle accidents can also recover compensation for their injuries. However, the similarity doesn’t end there. Like other road accident injuries, you need the knowledge and experience of an accident attorney to file a successful bicycle accident injury claim.

Personal injury law firms across the country hire specialist lawyers to handle different injury cases, like a Fielding Law aggressive driving accident lawyer in Mesquite TX. Now, let’s explore in detail, the reasons why you should hire a bicycle accident attorney.

Bicycle Accident Injuries Are More Severe Than Car Accident Injuries

Unlike cars, bicycles have no outer layer that may protect a cyclist from oncoming vehicles. The absence of which puts a rider at a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries. The compensation for damages that an accident victim may receive is usually directly proportional to the level of damage done to them.

At-fault parties may try to avoid paying the full compensation, but an experienced bicycle accident attorney can handle negotiations and leave the room with the best possible result. Furthermore, accident attorneys can assess the level of damage, and the possible long-lasting effect on their client and factor that into the negotiations.

Proving Negligence

A successful accident claim revolves around the injured party’s ability to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accident which resulted in their injuries was caused by the actions of the at-fault party. Although it may seem straightforward, there are certain requirements, such as evidence collection, that must be met before negligence can be successfully established. Whether or not the victim’s injuries are severe and require hospitalization, an accident attorney is better suited to handle these requirements.

The Handling of Elusive Insurance Companies

Sometimes, victims of car-bicycle collisions are required to recover compensation for their injuries from insurance companies. Insurance companies, however, tend to prioritize making a profit above all else. Therefore, they employ different tactics to pay significantly less or eliminate the compensation altogether.

For instance, they may try to hide a damaging clause amidst voluminous paperwork usually sent to the injured party for them to read and sign. It is important to refrain from signing any document without your lawyer’s approval.

Without the help of an experienced bicycle accident attorney, it may be difficult to recognize these tactics and an accident victim may fall prey to the insurance company’s tactics.

Decision Making

After an accident, you may not be in the best frame of mind to make decisions regarding your case. This may be due to the pain from your physical injuries or the accident’s impact on your mental health. Either way, your attorney, who has the skill and knowledge to take on your case, can fill in and make urgent decisions on your behalf.

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