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Ace Attorney Selfies – Social Media

As more attorneys are looking for ways to save money, the Ace Attorney Memos is one of the more unusual but great ways to do so. It’s a legal form that shows that you are a lawyer in your own right and therefore need to be taken seriously. Not only does it help you show that you are credible, but it also lets others know that you are willing to be a leader in your field. So, what are some of the Ace Attorney Memos? How do they work? Why should you even bother going through all of this?

The first Memo is for the lawyers. It says: “When we are not representing our client, they are not representing us. We are attorneys; when we do not win, we lose. We, hereby declare our irrevocable and exclusive right to represent any and all clients and agree to pay all fees for services performed by us.” This sounds pretty straightforward, but what about when you represent yourself? Do you still have this privilege?

The next Memo is for the clients. It says: “A lawyer is a representative of his or her client in respect to legal matters. As such, a lawyer is responsible for acting in behalf of their client in matters of substance (i.e. legal problem), and for assisting them in resolving those problems as promptly as possible and on their own costs, unless required by law.” This part of the regulation clearly states what the lawyer is actually expected to do and how much he is paid for doing it.

Another of the Ace Attorney Memos is about ethics. It says: “An attorney must not take unfair advantage of another’s inexperience, or inability to obtain legal advice. An attorney must not fail to act in the best interest of his/her client, irrespective of whether the client is represented by another lawyer or not.” Now, this may sound good, and it would certainly help if each lawyer took this rule seriously. But unfortunately, not all lawyers adhere to this rule, which makes it more important for lawyers to be more conscious of their behavior while representing one another, especially since the Internet has opened up new and wondrous ways for people to be able to communicate with each other, even while they are sitting in different offices or living in completely different worlds.

The last Ace Attorney selfie was about legal issues and ethics. It says: “In this technological era, it is important for a lawyer to understand the ethical responsibilities that arise from utilizing digital tools (such as the iPad or smart phones) while representing their client. Lawyers must also be aware that although technology may have many positive effects on society at large, it can also have negative consequences when it comes to practicing law.”

All in all, the Ace Attorney selfie series highlights lawyers as professionals who need to educate themselves more on the latest developments in technology. Lawyers should know better than to be so overeager or show off their skills without worrying about their client’s position. Celebrities are also trying to make the most out of social media and using it as a promotional tool for their upcoming projects or upcoming romances. This is definitely not a bad idea, as long as it does not hurt the professional reputation of a lawyer who is trying to help someone who needs his or her services. In the end, it is the duty of every lawyer to be able to balance both his or her desire to use technology to promote his or her business, as well as the ethical responsibility of a lawyer to properly represent their client and their legal issues.

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