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TVtropes Legal News and Blog – Ace Attorney, Dentist, and More

One of my favorite TV Tropes is the Ace Attorney. This is one of those shows that gets to have some good comedy from its premise. The protagonist of the show, a law firm’s top attorney, has to represent an attractive young woman who has been accused of murder. The entire point of the show is that the lawyer must prove that the charges against her are wrong and that she is innocent. She solves murders and other cases throughout the course of the show.

Another TVtropes TV show that features this theme is The X-Files. In this one, an FBI agent finds some old photos that have relevant information on a case that he is investigating. He is going to release these photos if he can get a friend of his to help him with it. The problem is that he is out of money and his friend is a professional con artist. The whole theme of this show is about people being in need of trust while they are dealing with the authorities.

Another TVtropes lawyer is the Chief of Police. He is the head of a big city police department and is considered to be the most powerful cop in the world. In order to keep his power, he must make sure that he always has a good group of lieutenants under him. This is what makes his character so compelling to watch because you see how much power he wields just by using a few people.

Another famous lawyer is Louis Priscilla. This character was featured in one of the most successful Law and Order TV shows of all time. He represented the station in which the crime was taking place. His brilliant and logical mind made him an outstanding lawyer for the people of his district. After his untimely death, however, his brain became part of a computer that was used by hackers to try and reconstruct his life.

The most twisted lawyer of them all is Vince Chinaski. He is portrayed by the actor Michael Chiklis, who also plays the part of Frank Capra in Bird Flu. Chinaski usually tries to get people locked up on bogus charges of murder, and he also tries to get people to spill the beans about others. He is a calculating and manipulative lawyer who also happens to be one of the strongest men in law.

The TV Tropes site also includes a number of fictional lawyers from the world of television, who are categorized under their specific legal occupations. One is an Ace Attorney, another is a Dentist, and so on. Each one of these characters has a very different way of handling a case, but they all serve the same purpose. As the TV Tropes site explains, “In a legal drama, the lawyer acts as the face of the legal system, trying to protect the interests of his client while challenging the legality of their case.” If you have seen any Law and Order TV shows, you probably remember this character. He’s a tycoon who have an extremely difficult time with his clients, but he always manages to come out on top.

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